Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I have a new website!

I have decided to keep things streamlined,
so I will be blogging from my new site in future.
Thank you to everyone who has stopped by 
and had a look at this blog. 
And I hope you will join me at my new blog

I look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, January 06, 2016


December was very busy - big client job for the
boys at newl&potter. Can't share unfortunately, 
but it did prompt some personal work ...

... culminating in this piece for #colour_collective,
 colour: white

Here's another piece I did for #colour_collective,
colour: Myrtle Green

Here's a round up of my pieces for the year 
with #colour_collective - I only joined in for the 
last few weeks of the year. Great fun on a Friday!
I recommend it.

Here's my #2015BestNine / #BestNine2015 on Instagram.
Interesting to see which illo's are most liked!

Doodling in spare moments over the Christmas holidays ...

half listening to the radio ...

messing with Sharpies ...

Happy New Year!

Monday, November 23, 2015


 November begins, and I'm day dreaming of summertime,
 greenhouses and warmth ...

I was invited at the beginning of the month by the lovely
 Penny Neville-Lee to join in with the #colour_collective on Twitter.
This is a group of Artists & Illustrators who each week,  all post work,
 in the same colour,  at the same time. It's a blast! 
Friday night 7.30pm GMT.

The first week I participated the colour was Rose Quartz.

This last week the colour was Robin Egg Blue.

Both these pieces for the Colour Collective were on my reject pile.
I often go back to disastrous pieces of work to see if I can
make them work somehow. I'm actually quite pleased with both 
of these now! And no, I'm not prepared to show you the "before"

Friday, November 13, 2015


I've been working on some more Christmas card designs.

I've given this old owl design a new winter makeover.
 He still looks a bit stunned, but at least he's warm.

This one is my favourite so far. It started life as a doodle,
 trying out brushes in Ps. 

Next I was messing about with watercolours and ink, 
and then I added some gold highlights in Ps.

Trying to get a series going here ...

I have a couple more ideas for these two little friends!

Thursday, November 12, 2015


October passed in a flash, so a catch up seems 
in order.

First up, the excitement of seeing this bag I illustrated
in Tesco stores nationwide ...

Art Direction: Ed Potter, Newl&Potter, London

... and then seeing it on the TV advert, well!

I entered the "Ohh Deer" Pillow Fight
Competition ...

Another girl & bird ...

Worked on an invite for my sister's pop up
Christmas shop, which featured dachsunds
this year. Did some for potential Christmas 
cards too ....

And, managed to squeeze in an ink
illustration for #inktober / Halloween 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Well, I didn't make it into the final of 
the Global Talent Search, and to be honest
I'm not surprised. The 48 other semi finalists
ALL produced the most incredible work.
The competition is FIERCE!!
I am however really proud to have made it to 
the top 50 this year. 
 A huge thank you
to everyone who voted for me, and a 
special shout out to all the awesome friends
I've made whilst doing Lilla's MATS Bootcamp ... 
your support has been beyond fantastic!
Thank you, you're the best!

There are 7 finalists this year, and you
can check out their eye candy here!

Wishing them all the very best of luck for the 

The AWESOME news is that I now have my
very own studio! How cool is that!!
It's not quite finished, but when it is I'll
post some pics. 

Did a little watercolour piece. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lilla Rogers The Global Talent Search 2015 - Round 2 - LUXE - THE ROUGHS!

So, the brief for the semi final round of 
Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search 2015,
in a nutshell ...

Design a tin or tins for Antoinette's shop.

I always mull the brief over for a day or so if time
permits, thinking through ideas, colours etc. 
It enables me to start drawing with a fairly
solid direction of what I want the piece to look like,
and I'm usually gagging to get started!

I choose boudoir tins - for jewellery.
It seems to fit Antoinette's shop best for me.
Four suggested colour palettes, and I dive straight in
with my first dabblings in colour. 

You can see I started favouring a different 
colour palette to the one I ended up with.
And you may recognise the lady with the pink hair from 
my bootcamp journal cover ... I wanted to use
her and have her hair full of clips and bows, 
put in place by a variety of little creatures, but I couldn't
bring myself to re-use an image for the semi final,
and I knew I probably wouldn't be happy
drawing a similar image - I needed a different idea.
So time to sketch roughs - anything I can think of
that is relevant ... tin shapes, boudoir accessories,
 small animals ...

I like the idea of the charms, and the tin
begins to take shape ... I've plumped on the
pink colour palette now.

I like the snakes, charmed by the cherubs!

 Lettering and layout considered as I go.

A change of face for the sun - too childish
for the demographic previously.

The tin loses it's feet and gains a 
temporary partner ...in the end I decided
 the tin was so full on that it didn't need other
 tins beside it, but I may have been wrong!

The background is a darker shade 
of blue here and I felt it was battling
 with the tin a bit.

And finally, the artwork I submitted.


I think I managed to achieve what I was 
intending ... I wanted it to be pretty from a 
distance, yet full of interest on closer

If you like my tin, I would love your
vote - 5 people will be put through to
the final by an esteemed panel of judges,
and one lucky person will go through
as the people's choice ... 

Click on the gallery link to view / vote ...
you can vote until 5pm on Monday 21st September.

It really is full of beautiful tins!

I await my fate ... 6 finalists are announced
 on Wednesday 23rd September ...

Oh, how I would LOVE to be one of them!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Here's my submission for the semi final round!

The brief was to design a tin that would fit the demographic for 
Antoinette's shop's customers... feminine, but quirky ... 

I'll post my process for this brief tomorrow, roughs and all!!

The gallery is open today, chock full of incredible tin designs - 

I would love your vote if you like my tin!  

Friday, September 04, 2015


Can't quite believe I'm posting this!!

Yep!! I made it through to the next round!! Beyond excited!!

Check out the gallery ...

Lots of my amazing chums from Make Art That Sells Bootcamp group
are joining me in the next round - good luck to everyone, and
thank you for ridiculously lovely support!!

I may go a bit quiet for the next 10 days as I get to grips with
Assignment 2 - which is AWESOME!! 

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Well, an awesome brief for the first round of this years 
Global Talent Search, but definitely not easy! 
We were given the demographic for a cool, hipster
girl from Brooklyn, and were tasked with creating
 a pattern for a pair of sneakers for her to wear 
whilst riding her bike to work. "Antoinette" has great
taste! She likes peonies, the mystical, small animals,
birds ... all elements that I love fortunately.
Lilla gave us some on trend colour palettes to
 work with too, if we wanted, which I did!
This is what I came up with, pretty much my
first idea ...

I've seen lots of entries popping up on my Facebook,
 Instagram and Twitter feeds since Friday's deadline, 
and yet again, there are heaps of utterly awesome designs
 from everyone. Bravo!!

Sunday, August 09, 2015

#mygtsprep - getting ready for Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells Global Talent Search 2015

A lovely surprise this week in the form of 5 mini
assignments from Lilla at Make Art that Sells,
in preparation for this year's Global Talent Search.
I won a free place in the competition and I'm
really looking forward to it after a couple of weeks
of painting walls and ceilings.

Mini #1

Mini #2 
Fifty shades of blue

Mini #3
The word "the"

Mini #4

And Mini #5 today is to answer some questions 
about myself ... aaagghh! I'm putting it off 'til
tomorrow - I HATE talking about myself!!